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I love the differing viewpoints that exist within the outdoor community. I think we can all be helpful to one another in some sense as we share the knowledge and experience we have gained from our time outdoors.

Set Apart: The Worldview of the Christian Sportsman

There will come a day when no one will care how many miles you hiked, how far a shot you took, how long it took to reel in that fish, or what the net score of any animal was. What will matter to them will be who you were to them while you were still alive. 

The Christian Sportsman’s Highest Legacy

Why do we get so excited when our friends text us their latests trail cam photos? It’s because they have a chance at an awesome experience. Why do we put so much collective work into putting in duck blinds? So we and our friends can have great hunts together. We’re thinking about the other person’s success. It’s a moment in our lives that we are successful in denying ourselves and placing someone else first.

The Sportsman’s Bond

If you are truly seeking to capture both sides of the cultural melting pot of the traditional Thanksgiving, be sure to include a venison dish with your family tradition!

Venison: A True Thanksgiving Tradition!

 I am a bowhunter, and I want to continue improving as a bowhunter, because every time I squeeze the trigger on my release, what comes from the bow is more than an arrow. That arrow carries with it so many of the worries and concerns, the cloudiness and confusion that my mind and body try to stuff away.

My “Why” for Being a Bowhunter.



Isn’t it frustrating? Our social media newsfeed gets so filled up with things that we DON’T want to read, that we miss the things we really DO want to read… you know, like JCS posts! 

Friday Post Rundown!