I met Jason Temple of Cross Country Camo a number of years ago as I was a part of growing the sportsman’s ministry at our church. I can remember “cold” contacting him with little to no expectation of so much as a call back. I was shocked when we finally connected, and since then Jason has become a great friend of mine.

With a light background and contrasting greens, grays and browns mixed into the 3D cross pattern, I immediately thought of sagebrush and especially Stalking the white aspens of the west. But after learning that Jason had been successful turkey hunting in Pennsylvania, a very similar situation to mine in Missouri, my interest was peaked.

The first thing I noticed when I received the Camo was the time Jason took to make his mission clear through his branding. This is a faith-based company that was inspired by the Holy Spirit. See Jason’s testimony here. You are wearing the symbol of the cross when you head into the field. There’s no hiding it. I don’t know how many times I’ve been stopped and asked what kind of Camo I was wearing and then had a fantastic gospel conversation with that person.

It’s also very clear that Jason took a lot of time choosing fabrics and considering hunting applications when developing these products. They are unique in the Camo world. Fabrics are soft and comfortable. By nature they are warm, setting you up for less of a need for bulky layering, but he offers both long and short sleeve options for varying temperatures, and a very comfortable pull over jacket for the cold. I’ve worn my CCC in temperatures as warm as the upper 90’s while hog hunting in Texas to well below freezing in the upper Midwest.

Cross Country Camo Versatility

Here’s the breakdown:
Hat: The CCC hat is a soft-fronted, solid cap that is made of material consistent with the pants. It is a more shallow fitting hat than that of a trucker/mesh back hat. It has a Velcro size adjustment and a wide bill. I tend to wear larger, more trucker style caps on a daily basis because I don’t like my temples feeling pinched when I bend the bill. This had lends to that need. I don’t get worn out by a squeezing feeling that many types of hats provide.

Short Sleeve Tee: This shirt is made of a highly durable 100% poly that feels heavy at first, but does a good job of wicking moisture away from your body as you sweat. The collar is snugly fitting so you don’t get the white collar effect with lower cut tees. The sleeves are adequate length to cover more of your upper arm (sorry to you guys that like to show off the mini muscles), and my favorite thing about this shirt is that it is cut long enough not to come untucked when sitting and standing up.
Long sleeve tee: Perfect for turkey hunting or early season bow hunting when temps can vary widely. Again, it is also cut long enough to not let dirt or critters up the back of your shirt when sitting down.

Pants: Made of a very soft, almost flannel like material that is surprisingly comfortable especially during longer hikes. It’s deadly quiet. No more “Swishing” through the woods on a stalk or sounding like a paper bag walking through brush. I especially like the deep pockets all around. This is the only pair of hunting pants I have not lost turkey call strikers out of. They seem to be cut a little longer than some pants, but can be cinched around the ankles if necessary. I simply tuck them into my rubber boots. Finally, they also cinch around the waist for those times you forget your belt. (Like I do…regularly)

Fleece Pullover: Super warm, comfortable, and quiet. It has two nice deep pockets on the sides and zips all the way to your chin. And of course, it’s fleece, so it sheds the wind very well.
Special Notes:

If you are a more hardcore Hunter, you will need to find separate rain gear to wear with your CCC. While it does shed water, it is not intended to be waterproof. The Price point is competitive with any other small Camo company out there if not slightly less expensive. This is a great outfit to have for all kinds of Camo applications.
So how well does it conceal?

Since I’ve had my CCC, I’ve harvested 5 mature Eastern wild turkeys, and two Rio Grande toms at very close range. 4 shotgun and one bow harvest. I’ve also taken one mature whitetail buck and multiple does. None have seen me or spooked as a result of not being well concealed. It’s hard to truly say how well any camouflage actually conceals a hunter, but I will say this; many of the more popular patterns make a hunter easy to see at farther distances because their patterns blotch and create a silhouette effect. Cross Country Camo is a very open pattern that actually becomes less identifiable at those critical thresholds of distance that can be the difference between making or breaking a shot opportunity.

This is a sponsored post. I highly encourage you to support Jason as he continues to press the CCC mission forward!

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