Isn’t it frustrating? Our social media newsfeed gets so filled up with things that we DON’T want to read, that we miss the things we really DO want to read… you know, like JCS posts!

In case you have fallen victim to this, like I so often have, here’s a rundown of the last few posts on the blog! Take your time and enjoy!

  1. Staying Spiritually Healthy During Hunting Season
  2. “De-Guilting” Your Next Outdoor Adventure
  3. Telling Your Story
  4. Setting a Scripture Reading Goal
  5. A Full Quiver

In case you are actually missing JCS posts, I would recommend visiting the JCS Facebook Page and taking a look around. I also recommend making sure you are signed up for our email newsletter! Have a great weekend and be sure to email us those awesome hunting pictures and stories!


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