My Top 5 Most Used Gear in 2017

When I find equipment I like and that holds up to the way I treat it, I really like to share it. Especially if it serves multiple uses.

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It would be pretty embarrassing to put photos of all my hunting/work gear online. Mostly because right now, as the year is coming to a close, it’s in a huge unorganized pile in my taxidermy shop. Looking back though, there are few items that made it through the hunting and fishing seasons as standouts. Some of them I literally use or carry every day.

When I find equipment I like and that holds up to the way I treat it, I really like to share it. Especially if it serves multiple uses. Most of these items are used for way more than hunting and fishing. I use many of them for work, hiking, even just doing chores around the house.  I’ve compiled my top five for you to check out for yourself and maybe, you will find it just as useful.

Note: Only Items with this( *) are sponsored items. Yes, I actually use it all the time. All the rest are just super useful and I totally think you should think about using them for yourself! 

5. Cabela’s Trail Gear Seat Covers

My truck was desperate for seat covers, but I couldn’t justify spending $300 or more to protect seats that were already pretty beat up. The bargain basement covers from our local big-box weren’t going to hold up to Spring fishing and turkey hunting, Summer work, the rut, and then salt spreading and snow shoveling in the Winter. I didn’t expect much from the Cabela’s Trail Gear covers, but they have most definitely proven themselves this year. Honestly, I don’t know how they have withstood everything I’ve put them through but they have, and they have certainly paid for themselves.

4. Timber Hawk Buck Scrape

IMG_1322 copy

This pack goes pretty much everywhere with me. I don’t do a lot of all day hunting, nor do I typically go on hunts that need a high capacity backpack. It’s perfect for light hunting and it doesn’t get in the way of all of my other gear like my safety harness or binoculars. This pack doesn’t  “over-organize” things either. In the spring, it’s fantastic for guys like me who can’t stand using bulky turkey vests because the small compartments fit various types of calls perfectly. One of my favorite things about it is that it is equipped for a small hydration bladder. The best part is, it won’t break the bank at about $80. See specs here.

3. Muck Equalizer Boots

If I needed to use these every day, they would be in the number one spot on my list. I’m ridiculously picky about my boots and shoes. I picked these up during a Black Friday sale and honestly didn’t think I would end up keeping them because I had very good luck with a different brand. These boots knocked it out of the park. My first hunt with them was in the west Texas canyon country. I put more than ten miles on them over the course of the hunt and, while I did sweat a lot (it was Texas after all) they held up perfectly and are still as comfortable as the day I bought them. That said, they aren’t cheap. I recommend choosing your application wisely. The reason I bought them was to serve as a multi-purpose boot to hunt in as well as work around the farm. They were worth the $165 investment.

2. Wilderness Athlete Hydrate and Recover* 

I had no idea how much Hydrate and Recover was going to play a role in helping me get healthy again. A couple years ago I had severe headaches and had no idea why. I chalked them up to stress, being out of shape, and other things. The truth was, I was over exerting myself on a daily basis and not hydrating my body properly. H & R is a staple around our house, not just to use on hunting trips like an alternative to something else, but as a regular part of what we do to stay well. I’ve spoken with some who tend to buck at the approximately $30 price tag, but the supply lasts for about a month if you have one drink per day, and when you compare that to the cost of a drink far less healthy, you normally come out ahead in more ways than one. Favorite Flavor: Berry Blast.

1. Leatherman OHT Multi-Tool

My day job is being a Facilities Supervisor for a large church. Every day I’m tightening something, cutting something, etc. It was a huge pain having to walk across an entire building to get my tools when I needed them, so I started searching for a multi tool that wasn’t a total waste of my time and money. I wanted a tool that had what I needed, but not too much and that was easy enough to operate that it wouldn’t be a problem.

I use the One Handed Tool from Leatherman EVERY SINGLE DAY. It really is a well thought out piece of gear that I have on my belt all the time. It’s equipped with all the basic multi-tool stuff, but in addition has a threaded port to screw gun cleaning rods into. The best part, everything on the tool can be opened and closed with one hand. Another exceptional part of its engineering is that everything on the OHT can be replaced if it breaks or wears out, eliminating the need for buying a new tool that you may end up hating. This tool makes number one on this list because whether I’m changing ballasts in light fixtures or shooting at the range, it’s value is off the chart. MSRP $79.95

Do you have a favorite gear recommendation? Leave a comment!

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