The 2017 JCS Year in Review

I certainly can’t say that I’ve done something to deserve all of this. But I will say, that if this is what blogging has helped me do, there’s no reason to stop now. 

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Every year, I like to reflect on where God has taken me through blogging. It’s a litmus of sorts that’s intended to test the legitimacy of time spent doing what I enjoy. As I think about the past year, I have to say, that 2017 has been completely worth the time and resources. Of course, keeping it all to myself would be a huge disappointment, so I’ve decided to share it all with you!

  1. Family Time at Missouri’s Leading Trout Park

Life is crazy isn’t it? While I was on this trip in March, I realized something a little bittersweet. It had been almost 20 years since my whole family actually went on a “vacation” together. My side of the family has never been the far flung traveling type, but we really do enjoy some time at a camp ground close to somewhere we can wet a line. We ended up in a cabin at Bennett Spring State Park in Lebanon, MO for about four days and it was marvelous. My mom and dad were both able to fight with their first rainbow trout and enjoy time away from the grind of life.


2. West Texas Rios

One thing that blogging has done for me is give me the motivation to break away from my norm and do things I’ve never done before. I’m not typically the type of guy who jumps on a plane just to go kill a couple turkeys.

This year, I did just that, and it was fantastic! West Texas is the kind of place you expect to see John Wayne riding along a canyon edge. What I didn’t expect was something much cooler. Native American artifacts seemed to be everywhere. Whitetail and Mule Deer antler sheds were an every day find. And let’s not forget the 6000 acres of desert wilderness that we only covered about 7-800 of in the three days we were there. I’m so thankful to Jason Temple, owner of Cross Cross Country Camo, and the Eason family for allowing me to experience their piece of Texas. (By the way, those Rio’s tasted just fine!)

3. Missouri Thunder

I love springtime in Missouri almost as much as the whitetail rut in the fall. What’s the best part? Playing chess with timber monsters that we call turkeys. While I wasn’t able to harvest a longboard with my bow like I had set out to do, I was blessed to bring home 23 and 25lb toms from the same ridge on different days. Cool enough for me!

4. Living the Greatest Adventure Conference Launch!

From the time JCS began, I wanted to do something that would allow sportsmen from anywhere to come and be a part of a time of fellowship, service, worship, and learning. I wasn’t sure how it would all come together, but I started sketching out the idea, and in June of 2017, it all came together. We had two SBC associations join us in Potosi, MO to take part in the first ever Living the Greatest Adventure Conference! I absolutely had a blast, and I look forward to what God is going to do in 2018! (Keep your eyes peeled for details and registration info on the blog and our social media!)

5. Easton Technical Products

This trip made me wonder how much of life I have missed just because I never asked for something. When I emailed Easton to see if I could tour the factory, I expected a “no”. I got a yes, and was treated like they had invited me to their incredible factory. I was able to get an inside look at the factory as well as the world class shooting facility. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

6. Antelope Island State Park Salt Lake City, Utah.

While my wife sat in business seminars, I was able to sneak away to one of the most recommended locations in Salt Lake City. Antelope Island is located in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. It is the home of its own isolated population of Antelope (Of course) as well as an incredible herd of Bison, which I somehow managed to get right in the middle of. It also has a small cluster of mountains that you can literally spend an entire day exploring.

7. Home Away From Home

I did it! Finally! A full week in Northeast Missouri during the whitetail rut… well, lockdown. I’ve been hunting this farm for 20 years and have never been able to spend more than about three days. It’s always rushed and just exhausting. This year, my wife and I chose to spend a full week for hunting and rest. I was actually able to take my kids hunting for the first time and it was quite the adventure. I harvested two deer and I was able to finally come home feeling ready for the days to come.

Even as I’m writing all of this, I’m shocked at the blessings I’ve been able to experience. I don’t blog to show off. I’m not an outdoor guru. I certainly can’t say that I’ve done something to deserve all of this. But I will say, that if this is what blogging has helped me do, there’s no reason to stop now.

Thank you for spending time with us!

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