Friday Article Roundup 6/21

It’s Friday, and that means an a la carte roundup of this weeks top posts from JCS!

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It’s Friday, and that means an a la carte roundup of this week’s top posts from JCS!

Will You Pray For Me?

Field Writer Dennis Wilder  unpacks the importance of prayer in Christian friendship from Proverbs 17:17

“Help! My Pastor is Not A Sportsman!” 10 Ways to reach out to the hunting and fishing community without bucking against your church’s identity.

Are you in a church community that isn’t engaging with the sportsmen’s culture around you? That’s ok. Here are ten ways to reach out without working against your church’s identity.

Heaven is Better: An Eternal Mindset and the Outdoors.

Jonathan Edwards said, “To go to heaven, fully to enjoy God, is infinitely better than the most pleasant accommodations here.” Here’s how to maintain an eternal mindset in the most worship inspiring places.

IMG_5185 (1)Heaven is Better: An Eternal Mindset in the Outdoors.

Outdoor Strength: The Most Effective Exercise You’re Not Doing

In the woods or on the farm, physical preparedness is king. When you’re presented with a physical task, will you have the fitness to complete it? Field Writer Christian Williams gives some sound physical advice for those getting serious about their upcoming hunting season.

The Fight Back From Failure

Don’t be mistaken, coming back from a true failure is a fight. As my wife can attest, my battle through resigning as a pastor was a frightening and ugly campaign. But at the final analysis, God is faithful. If you have ever struggled with failure, this is an uplifting article for you.

The Fight Back From Failure

Love the Process

Field Writer Dave Ashworth gives some council in how patience can pay big dividends when chasing mature whitetails.

Wilderness Athlete Get ready for your next hunting season with Wilderness Athlete!

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