Product Review: “Woodsman” Coffee from Benjamin Brew

When Ben from Benjamin Brew sent me a bag of his “Woodsman” coffee, not only did I feel more accomplished as a blogger (coffee gifts are like a rite of passage), I was totally ready to put it through the coffee torture test. That test meaning, breakfast.

The Roast

Even though I’m no coffee connoisseur, where the rubber meets the road for me is the “wow” factor of the roast. Does it smell rich and make me want to brew it, or does it smell old and burned? Are the beans black and greasy, or do they look healthy?

I know, my standards aren’t technical. In fact, I’m not remotely qualified to put one coffee bean up against another. What I can say with confidence is,”Woodsman” totally made me want to brew it as soon as I smelled it. Everything about it was right. I don’t need to over-do the description for that reason. It’s right. No frills, well done, right.


But what’s the real “thing” about Woodsman?

While the coffee speaks for itself, what draws me to Benjamin Brew so much is it’s source. Benjamin is a pastor. Just as the Apostle Paul, Ben is doing his brand of “Tent- making”. He is passionate about providing a great product, and it comes through in the way he handles and distributes it. Ben provides 4 different coffee flavors. Woodsman (Sumatra), Blue Collar (New Guinea), Motherload (Guatemala), and Deacon Decaf (Columbian).¬†

But “the thing” about Woodsman is this. No matter if you French Press it, or put it through the good ‘ol ¬†auto drip, it still tastes consistently good. Not all coffee can boast this. So, as long as you’re using good water, whether you’re making it in your own kitchen or at hunting camp, you’re getting the same cup of coffee. The only bummer is when you run out and forget to place your next order, like I did! I’m glad Ben has more readily available.

The Woodsman Details

For those who are still more particular about their coffee than me, here are some technical details about Woodsman!

  • Origin: Gayo Highlands of Central Aceh, Elevation 1300-1500
  • Heritage: Ateng P88 & Tim Tim
  • Experience: Grade1 Triple Pick, Wet Hulled Processed
  • Cost: $12.99

“Whether you are a hunter or just a lover of the outdoors, you can almost picture the deer passing while you sit next to the old persimmon tree with this coffee from Sumatra. It has an earthy body and spice but maintains a persimmon-like scent and sweetness.” – Benjamin Brew

My Recommendation

Benjamin Brew Woodsman coffee if the right coffee for people who like no nonsense, bold flavored, just right coffee. Is my assessment totally subjective? Absolutely it is! That’s why you need to try it for yourself.

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