Friday Article Roundup 6/29

It’s hot. You should probably stay inside and read this week’s article roundup!

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It’s hot. You should probably stay inside and read this week’s article roundup!

Unique Challenges Facing Christian Sportsmen

Being a Christian Sportsmen is different. Very different.  Can you identify?

Nick and Friends

The Impossible Climb

God’s call for Abraham to sacrifice Isaac was saturated in his purpose for his glory to be seen by the world. God fulfilled that purpose, and Abraham’s response was exactly what it should have been after God stopped him.

God’s Prevailing Grace in the Outdoors

“God’s prevailing grace can often times be seen in our experiences in the outdoors. I know for me at least, even before I came to know and fully love God, I experienced moments where God’s grace was completely apparent to me.” Check out this great article by guest writer Kyle Settle


Icons Do Exist: An Inside Look at Easton Technical Products

Any time the word iconic is used in any industry, I’m skeptical. A true icon is a paragon of what it represents. It blazes the trail for others to follow. An icon creates, lives, promotes, and ensures that its legacy will live on. So many fall short.

Alive: Embracing New Life In Jesus

It was the scariest moment of our new ministry. My wife and I were invited to go sledding with a group of young adults from the church. What we were about to experience would adjust our notion of living forever.



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