About Jim Richman


From a very young age Jim Richman, owner of Journal of a Christian Sportsman, loved writing and public speaking. His love for the outdoors charted a course for these two loves to intersect.

Before graduating from Missouri Baptist University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Education and Biblical Counseling, Jim was called to pastor his first church. Shortly after being married and having their first child, Jim and his wife Christy stepped away from the pulpit, and Jim began working specifically with sportsman’s ministry.

The best part of my life as a founder is getting to meet great people and create a connection.  Over the last several years, I have been honored to get to know Jim Richman and have conversations with him about his passion for the outdoors and his passion for the ministry.  I think Jim sometimes thinks that I am helping him but the reality is that every single time that I talk with him, he is inspiring me.   
– Kevin Paulson • Founder • HuntingLife.com

Following Jim’s first experience attending the Archery Trade Association show in 2015, his idea to begin a website focused on reaching a broader audience of Christian sportsmen was solidified.

Journal of a Christian Sportsman is a web-based resource that provides Outdoorsmen with reliable Biblical and Heritage Sports insight. The mission is to help Christian men and women enjoy union with Christ, mature in their walk with God, and excel in the outdoor lifestyle. Since it’s conception, JCS has reached more than 100,000 people spanning the globe. Jim has delivered more than 500 messages and been featured in four different Christian and Outdoor publications.

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