Welcome to Journal of a Christian Sportsman!

I am an author and speaker that helps Christian sportsmen grow in their walk with Jesus and become highly effective in their outdoor pursuits!

I believe Christian Sportsmen have the opportunity to live the greatest adventure mankind has ever known. We get to experience the presence of God, be continuously reminded of our identity in Christ, and grow in some of the most worship-inspiring places in the world.

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A few years ago I found myself at a dangerous spiritual crossroads. Five years of vocational ministry left me and my young marriage battered by the spiritual warfare that is serving in the pastorate. After being confronted and cared for by two brothers in Christ concerning the sin of my complacency, my disbelief, and lack of passion for my work, God re-ignited my spirit, and JCS began!

I’m amazed at how quickly this message is spreading around the world! Since beginning JCS, I’ve had the honor of speaking at wild game dinners and conferences. I’ve been able to share the JCS message and stories on  enormous hunting blogs like Huntinglife.com and Outdoors International. I’ve also had the blessing of hanging out with the guys from Rooted Outdoors on the  Rooted Outdoors Podcast.  You have to check out my first nationally published article in Christian Sportsman Magazine! And most recently, I’m honored to announce that I’ve been featured at Beautifulchristianlife.com! I also hope you will check out our stellar team of field writers as they share their experiences with you.

Thanks so much for checking out the blog. I look forward to interacting with you!

Jim Richman

Journal of a Christian Sportsman