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IMG_2601 copyMy name is Jim Richman. I’m the blogger behind Journal of a Christian Sportsman. I knew from the beginning of my training in ministry, I was being called to something different. I didn’t fit the normal mold when it came to serving God and sharing the good news of Jesus with others.


I served as a lead pastor for five years directly out of college. Then, I was an associate pastor of a different church. I was happy to serve in those positions and I met some wonderful folks along the way. The trouble was, it was never the right “fit”. It was more like wearing grandad’s coat when you’re 12 and on your first deer hunt.

The best part of my life as a founder is getting to meet great people and create a connection.  Over the last several years, I have been honored to get to know Jim Richman and have conversations with him about his passion for the outdoors and his passion for the ministry.  I think Jim sometimes thinks that I am helping him but the reality is that every single time that I talk with him, he is inspiring me.   
– Kevin Paulson • Founder •

It all came together when I asked a friend “what is wrong with me?” Why couldn’t I just be what I thought God had called me to as a pastor? I wanted to be faithful and content, but nothing seemed to work out in the conventional stream of ministry. My friend nailed it all down when he said, “Jim, you’ve been convinced that you are supposed to be a shepherd, and that it’s the only acceptable form of ministry. But even the Bible distinguishes between shepherds and hunters. You’re a hunter.” He was right. Shepherds take care of flocks. Hunters move and explore. They are always looking over the next hill, just for the sake of it. I always loved writing. Even since elementary school, writing was where I went when I was hurting, happy or just feeling creative. Writing, speaking, creating, and sharing that creation is where my skills as a hunter are able to come through most vividly.

My award winning wife and I in Salt Lake City.

So, Journal of a Christian Sportsman began. Who is JCS for? It’s for anyone who enjoys the outdoor lifestyle. More specifically, it’s for anyone who, like me, has always felt most at home on the fringe, the outer rim of what everyone else around them has been comfortable with. Ultimately, it’s for anyone seeking to connect the outdoor lifestyle with their faith in Jesus Christ, who willingly gave his life for our opportunity to be with the Father.

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Jim Richman

Founder and Editor in Chief

Journal of a Christian Sportsman

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