Each summer whitetail hunters across the United States eagerly wait for the very first trail camera photos of their hunting grounds. There is great anticipation, excitement and in some cases fear for what those photos may reveal.  In fact, many of us place the potential success of our seasons on what trail cameras show us. Whether it is a new property or one that we have hunted for decades, it will set the stage for a new journey.

I Just Bought a Muzzleloader; Now What?

Every year thousands of hunters purchase their first muzzleloading guns.  Some of them have used black-powder guns in the past by borrowing them from friends.  The vast majority however have no actual experience with “front-stuffers”.  Assuming that you might be one of these thousands or know someone who is, here are few invaluable tips and priceless advice.

The Fog of Moralism

If you have ever been on a hike or a hunt and have experienced an oppressive fog, you know how disorienting it can be. Even if you are sitting still, it’s almost ethereal. You know general direction, but you can’t really judge distance well or identify landmarks.

Taking Down the Predator: Mortification of Sin.

Sin is the apex predator of our joy and faithfulness to God. Left unchecked it can destroy you. Sportsmen understand the need for predator control. It protects the helpless. It supports the populations of animals that are more desirable. There is no greater challenge to us than the sin that attempts to rob us of our joy in Christ. But through Christ, it can be overcome.

5 Keys to Excellent Ground Venison At Home.

It’s the mantra of so many people who have been served poorly prepared wild game meat. It either tastes too strong, it’s dry, or it just isn’t what they are used to. Here are five ways to ensure that you and your family will be able to share the same enjoyment as me and mine when it comes to ground venison.

Saving Time and Money with Digital Scouting.

Scouting doesn’t have to be overly time consuming or expensive. It begins with digital assistance. Between the uses of trail cameras and the internet you can save an incredible amount of headache and boot tread as you move toward your hunting season.

Receiving From Meaningful Fellowship

Sometimes I need to be alone. Hunting does that for me. It may be because I need time to  work through a complex issue. Or perhaps I need to receive a message through God’s word in a way that is undistracted. Other times, I find myself in great need of time with other people. It could…

Participating in Meaningful Fellowship

Christian fellowship is not well illustrated by the western concept of a business relationship. In order to participate in meaningful fellowship, we must be obedient to Jesus’ command to give of ourselves FOR the good of one another.