FCA Outdoors Midwest Upland Bird Hunt: A Huge Success.

New Post! It did my heart good to have Dwain set up this bird hunt on behalf of FCA OUTDOOR MINISTRY.  Having donors who support this ministry with their prayers, finances and time is a true blessing.

The Sportsman’s Dark Winter: Making the Most of the “Off Season”

New Post! Mid-January through the first warm days of early spring is dreadfully slow for a lot of sportsmen. The fury of fall has ended, so how do you break through the arduous, dark, depressing days of not being able to strategize for your hunt this weekend? Follow these tips and strap in. It's the sportsman's "Dark Winter".

Growing in Grace: God’s Design for True Spiritual Growth.

New Post! We will never fully realize our potential as Christ-followers in our pursuit of holiness this side of heaven, we are called to constantly exercise these ordinary means of grace.

Follow Up: The One thing that Will Set Your Next Sportsman’s Event Apart.

We want to break the cycle of hype, gimmick, and volunteer overuse, and get those attending our events to the foot of the cross, so that in the future the door is open for discipleship.

“Help! My Pastor is Not A Sportsman!” 10 Ways to reach out to the hunting and fishing community without bucking against your church’s identity.

What do we do when the idea of sportsman's banquets, affinity ministries, or even a sportsman's Sunday school class or small group gathers more eyebrow raising than support? Here are ten things to do if you plan to reach the outdoor loving population of your community without being divisive.

When Heritage Becomes a Hindrance: Drawing the line between the outdoors and idolatry.

When my wife and I were engaged, I made ruthlessly clear to her that nothing was going to come between me and my “heritage”. I was a total ungodly jerk.

My #1 Concern for Christian Men Today

In more than ten years of vocational ministry, there is one thing I'm most concerned about with regard to Christian men. Nope, it's not feminization. Nope, it's not acting like boys rather than men. It's so much more threatening than all of that.