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One of a Kind: Remembering Our Farm Dog “Snoopy”

When you think of a farm dog, you don’t typically think of an overweight beagle. Well, that overweight beagle would have most likely put the dog you’re thinking of to shame. (I’m biased of course.) The best way to describe her ¬†physical countenance was, “as big around as she was long.” She wasn’t the lean, Blue Heeler type, but that never stopped her.¬†

Teaching Children About Game Processing: An Imperative for the Future of Hunting.

Only a few generations before mine, for much of the United States, enduring the cost of taking a wild animal to a processor was unheard of. The responsibility fell to to the hunter to process his game. Teaching our children this process is critical to the future of our sport.

In That Quiet Missouri Hollow: The Story of My Son’s First Deer.

We hunted hard. Glassing various set ups, rattling, and several spot and stalk efforts proved fruitless. By the time the evening sit came around, he was so tired. Dozing off from time to time in the stand, I finally asked him if he wanted to go back to the truck. He said, “No dad, I’m not leaving until I kill one.”