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BY MIKE ROUX The conditions that Friday at dawn were significantly different than they had been for quite some time.  Best duck hunting buddy John Caldwell and I had spent more than a few   mornings in the duck blind in the early part of the 2018 season.  The vast majority of these were warm and

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The JCS 2018 Outdoor Gift Guide:10 Outdoor Gear Items The Hunter In Your Life Will Love. (According to JCS Readers!)

The readers have spoken. This list is a collection of items that JCS readers, and myself, have recommended specifically for this post! Before you search “hunting gear” on Amazon or elsewhere, check out these ideas! They will be used for sure!

A Hunter’s Comfort Food: Country Fried Venison Steak

I can normally tell you when my wife is preparing this meal before I even get into the house. For me, smelling the hot grease and tasting the tender and well-battered and seasoned meat sends me back to a time of wishing I was old enough to hunt with my grandpa. Grouping this recipe with mashed potatoes, homestyle gravy, peas or green beans, a hot roll, and a cold glass of sweet tea will create a new standard of comfort food for you and your family.

Grace in Every Moment

I sit in stillness, listening to the sounds of the forest as it comes forth from its slumber. I watch as the creatures live out their daily routines as an orchestrated symphony of activity. All of this is meant to give glory to the God who created them. How do I not consider where is God’s grace in this moment?

Teaching Children About Game Processing: An Imperative for the Future of Hunting.

Only a few generations before mine, for much of the United States, enduring the cost of taking a wild animal to a processor was unheard of. The responsibility fell to to the hunter to process his game. Teaching our children this process is critical to the future of our sport.

In That Quiet Missouri Hollow: The Story of My Son’s First Deer.

We hunted hard. Glassing various set ups, rattling, and several spot and stalk efforts proved fruitless. By the time the evening sit came around, he was so tired. Dozing off from time to time in the stand, I finally asked him if he wanted to go back to the truck. He said, “No dad, I’m not leaving until I kill one.”

Building the Perfect Duck Hunt

BY MIKE ROUX Over the past few decades I have had the good fortune of hunting waterfowl in dozens of states and many locations. I have studied the layouts, observed the techniques and learned what it takes to build a high quality duck hunting haven. The basic principles to creating such a spot are pretty obvious in

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