9-Pointer3 10-3-05Dennis was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky. His Dad was always a small game hunter and a fisherman, basically because that’s all there was back then. He loved the outdoors and learned from his Dad the importance of character, following the rules and hunting safety. Dennis started deer hunting at sixteen and when he met his wife Michele his father-in- law introduced him to archery hunting. The first deer he missed with an arrow started a passion that has lived in him to this day.
God called him to ministry when he was thirteen and he began working in ministry at nineteen. He has served the Lord faithfully for many years and has been a Pastor in
many parts of the country which afforded him good hunting opportunities. In 2015 he started a ministry called Pastors in the Outdoors (PITO) under Real Momentum Men’s
Ministries. The purpose of PITO is to encourage pastors and to be a help to them to continue in the ministry, through exceptional outdoor retreats. Over 75 Pastors
have been encouraged through Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee, to Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota and everything in between. Dennis lives in Harrogate, TN with his wife Michele, and he is the Director of Missions for Cumberland Gap Baptist

Dennis Wilder