For weeks the weather had been perfectly cool, the migration right on time, and our host Heath Whitmore had even been sending us pictures of mallards and pintails killed just one week before our arrival.Surely God would bless this endeavor with full limits, perfectly framed kill shots and fellowship overflowing from pit blinds. Right?

God’s Prevailing Grace in the Outdoors

God’s prevailing grace can often times be seen in our experiences in the outdoors. I know for me at least, even before I came to know and fully love God, I experienced moments where God’s grace was completely apparent to me. Even now, after giving myself to the Lord I can see his work every time I am afield.

The World Will Know

John 13:34-35 and John 15:12-17 When I was growing up, I always wondered what the mark of the church was. I loved the churches I was a part of, but what was so confusing was that I could always sense the tension between brothers and sisters in Christ. Sometimes it was socioeconomic, sometimes it was…