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Grace in Every Moment

I sit in stillness, listening to the sounds of the forest as it comes forth from its slumber. I watch as the creatures live out their daily routines as an orchestrated symphony of activity. All of this is meant to give glory to the God who created them. How do I not consider where is God’s grace in this moment?

Around the Campfire: Taking the Time to Celebrate New Faith in Christ.


There’s something special about the campfire. I absolutely love the feeling of a campfire at the end of a successful day of hunting. I may be completely exhausted from packing meat or butchering, but it doesn’t matter. It’s extra special when I have someone to share it with, to tell stories with and laugh around

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A New Season

We have all been there. It’s the end of the season and we are eating tag soup. It might have been the weather, work or family needs, or maybe we blew the chance of a lifetime. In some cases, we didn’t see deer at all. It happens to hunters everywhere. The light at the end of the tunnel is next season.

Heavy Packs: The Drive of the Hunt And Devotion to Scripture.

There are few things more mind-numbing than doing a lot of work to prepare for a hunt only to go without any expectation of being successful. Why would we ever approach something as promise-filled as God’s word and expect to never be changed?


For weeks the weather had been perfectly cool, the migration right on time, and our host Heath Whitmore had even been sending us pictures of mallards and pintails killed just one week before our arrival.Surely God would bless this endeavor with full limits, perfectly framed kill shots and fellowship overflowing from pit blinds. Right?