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What is Spiritual Health?

Human beings like our health. We’re well acquainted with the pain and inconvenience of physical illness. It is a tangible “feeling” that something isn’t right in our body. Often our body tells us to slow down and rest, or through more violent measures, to go to the hospital for help. Other times, it can be

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When Fish Don’t Bite

You and your family go to church when the doors are open, you never miss a morning devotion, you teach Sunday school, you tithe your ten percent, and still, things just don’t go right. It can be frustrating.

Set Apart: The Worldview of the Christian Sportsman

I love the differing viewpoints that exist within the outdoor community. I think we can all be helpful to one another in some sense as we share the knowledge and experience we have gained from our time outdoors.

The Christian Sportsman’s Highest Legacy

There will come a day when no one will care how many miles you hiked, how far a shot you took, how long it took to reel in that fish, or what the net score of any animal was. What will matter to them will be who you were to them while you were still alive.